Citytours – Your Magic Place

Sightseeing? Nope. ūüėČ Here it is all about a journey to a place or a building, which has got a special meaning for YOU. The place where you experienced a moment of magic, where you could feel your authenticity, your essence. A place where your life maybe got a radical shift. Or maybe it is just your… Continue reading Citytours – Your Magic Place

The City

Are we awake?¬†How¬†am I supposed to keep on?¬†Was it the fruit from the start?¬†It¬†played a part¬† For goodness sake¬†I wasn’t told this wind be this cold¬†Changing times came and set me apart¬†Leaving me with a heavy heart¬† Outside they plunder empires¬†But inside I stay and try to find words to say¬†Just if the end of… Continue reading The City