Schlagwort: control

  • Only (Leave The Road Behind)

    Only (Leave The Road Behind)

    Well, I was feeling helpless And I was feeling lost The world is a place of chaos Escapism was the only option The only that came to my mind That led me to somewhere Felt like nothing else would exist And let go of any control Well, at first place I fell for that face…

  • Babický (Late Night Edition)

    Babický (Late Night Edition)

    Do you see the blinding lights From your point of view This city always looks so dull It’s called the eastern Paris Where the sun rises at night So why let them tear us apart Nothing can stop our night ride  Let’s catch the tram and goin‘ anywhere  Old Town, New Town, Wenceslas Square    Duplex, Lucerna, Roxy  James Dean, Hemingway  Wo find…