Vintage Summer (Lucy In The Sky)

Back to the day when I was like before I found Lucy in the sky It was a warm summer day and the wind blew some fresh air We talked about the things like we did back in the old days Sitting in the car, imagine it’s the good old VW Golf or even Beetle… Continue reading Vintage Summer (Lucy In The Sky)

Babický (Late Night Edition)

Do you see the blinding lights From your point of view This city always looks so dull It’s called the eastern Paris Where the sun rises at night So why let them tear us apart Nothing can stop our night ride  Let’s catch the tram and goin‘ anywhere  Old Town, New Town, Wenceslas Square    Duplex, Lucerna, Roxy  James Dean, Hemingway  Wo find… Continue reading Babický (Late Night Edition)


Daylight fades away, dusk breaks into the town  Stars fill the black sky, they gonna dance until dawn  People havin’ fun, Music’s played all around  I notice there’s a light, it nearly push me to the ground  Tryin‘ to stay on my feet, it comes to me so suddenly  Now I can look into her core, her deepness seems so spaciously … Continue reading Star

Citytours – Your Magic Place

Sightseeing? Nope. 😉 Here it is all about a journey to a place or a building, which has got a special meaning for YOU. The place where you experienced a moment of magic, where you could feel your authenticity, your essence. A place where your life maybe got a radical shift. Or maybe it is just your… Continue reading Citytours – Your Magic Place

The City

Are we awake? How am I supposed to keep on? Was it the fruit from the start? It played a part  For goodness sake I wasn’t told this wind be this cold Changing times came and set me apart Leaving me with a heavy heart  Outside they plunder empires But inside I stay and try to find words to say Just if the end of… Continue reading The City


Outside the weather’s getting stormier  And I think there’s coming a heavy rain, we all go home  They tell us to hide inside, so the drops won’t hit us Seems like we don’t care where the clouds do come from  And the whirled-up dust will become a fog  And the drought-out earth will get burned … Continue reading Storm

It’s not my pain, it’s our pain

Imagine a place where everybody is expressing themselves. Dancing to the music, screaming, moving, standing, sitting, lying, meditating, praying.  I ‘ve been to such a place. I was there.   Dancing. It was after a longer period of dancing when I decided to take a break. Sitting, resting, maybe a bit meditating. I watched the people… Continue reading It’s not my pain, it’s our pain

The Flower of Life

It is not a question of giving this flower a shape or colour.   It’s about looking at this flower.   Finding and experiencing the nectar.   The nectar of the flower of life.   It is the essence of your actions, of your work, of being there.   The entry to your innermost core,   the creation of your resources.  … Continue reading The Flower of Life