Babický (Late Night Edition)

Do you see the blinding lights
From your point of view
This city always looks so dull

It's called the eastern Paris
Where the sun rises at night
So why let them tear us apart

Nothing can stop our night ride 
Let's catch the tram and goin' anywhere 
Old Town, New Town, Wenceslas Square 
Duplex, Lucerna, Roxy 
James Dean, Hemingway 
Wo find ich dich, nur wo? 
They’re doing business as usual 
In ihrem staatlichen Privatclub 
No entry without valid ID usually 
No virtual money - no delivery 
Sirens penetrate through the walls  
Force us to face the walls of silence 
See, they deliver us the wakeup call 
How moving it is to face this silence 
Let’s feel the heat comin' in a cold night 
Reexploring contact improvisation 
I’ve seen my own face long enough 
So, may I touch yours right now? 
Soldiers fill up the streets up and then 
I don’t care as long they leave us alone 
Watching their downfall in decadence 
We ‘ll be free just like birds and dance 

Looking out for our space 
That we can share together 
Made out of lonely dreams 

How far would we have to go  
To get out of control? 

This poem is a continuation of this edition on my German blog.

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