The Uncoupled Wagon

It’s a late evening after a very productive day. After visiting another event, I now sit far too early on a train at Vienna Western Railway Station and wait for the departure.

Not a single person sits in this wagon besides me. Sometimes there is a little noise, otherwise it is completely silent. When I look out at the windows, I see trains parked on the other tracks.  

No one is there.  

Suddenly this metaphor of the uncoupled wagon comes in my mind.  

Here they now stand, the stationed trains, on a seemingly deserted station.  

What’s the point of a train when the wagons are turned off?  

What is the benefit of a railway station if it is not frequented by the people?  

There is no life, no business.  

I have the feeling that many people do the same. They feel an inner emptiness, a profound pain. Consciously or unconsciously.  

Feel powerless, helpless and without perspective.  

Feel disconnected, like a wagon that is not needed.  

They are not needed.  

A false projection that becomes an illusion and then a trauma.  

We all should be concerned about this.  

Maybe you know from yourself what it feels like.  

And I’ll tell you something: I sometimes feel the same way.

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