It’s not my pain, it’s our pain

Imagine a place where everybody is expressing themselves. Dancing to the music, screaming, moving, standing, sitting, lying, meditating, praying. 

I ‘ve been to such a place. I was there.  


It was after a longer period of dancing when I decided to take a break. Sitting, resting, maybe a bit meditating. I watched the people who were still dancing. There was a lot of love in this place. Many people know each other, quite a few couples were here as well. I watched them interacting, touching or just dancing alone. And I felt my loneliness arising. That awful pain that I met in various, rather subtle faces in the days and weeks before. I felt like crying. And I have to say, I was definitely not a completely stranger in this place. In fact, I knew quite a few people who came up to this event. In the end it’s not about the people. It’s about the emotions and all these sensations arising in your body and mind. 


Then I drew my attention onto the people who were sitting around a sort of altar. Meditating. Praying. I really felt it this way and so I joined them. It didn’t take me long and I could feel a different kind of pain. The suffering in this world. The fires in Australia, Amazonas and much more. When I had my eyes open, I could see this pain in others too. 


That moment I understood, the pain in the world is the reflection of our pain we experience as a human being. How else could I feel personal and collective pain at the same time? We tend to separate every perception already on its origin into self-created categories. It’s like hunting after every stir of all subjects and objects that occur in our life so we can give them a meaning. But this is not necessary, because if we listen deeply, we can leave things as they are. There is a moment of silence in every noise. Maybe we can find the connection to the whole cosmos in this moment of silence. 


I will try to play with these moments and catch the feeling of connection. In the end we all just want to feel love. To give and receive. This is the masterclass of life to me.

2 Antworten zu “It’s not my pain, it’s our pain”

  1. Mathias that was beautiful. I experienced a feeling of utopia and travelled through the words as the mood changed.

    I really like your style of writing. Keep up the good work.

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