The City

Are we awake? 
How am I supposed to keep on? 
Was it the fruit from the start? 
It played a part 

For goodness sake 
I wasn’t told this wind be this cold 
Changing times came and set me apart 
Leaving me with a heavy heart 

Outside they plunder empires 
But inside I stay and try to find words to say 
Just if the end of it all gets defeated 
The concept of time will be faded 

I’ll reflect on „A Life of the Buddha“ 
And wind my way out of the city 
Her attraction has left and gone so far  
No point to open up my heart 

I used to write down what I ‘ve seen through windows 
Now I sit in front of blurred glasses 
My serenity fights with resignation 
Empty words won’t lead to manifestation 

I still use to chase them with my open eyes 
Will I ever find love in the city? 
I’m still sitting here and play with cards 
Will I ever have a change of heart? 

So when I move on, I can leave the old story behind  
It were fit, but seems like I’m losing it 
It played a part, „it’s a late evening“ 
Nothing is like it was at the beginning 

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